Athlete Services

Nutrition counseling for Endurance Athletes
Strength and Conditioning Training for Athlete
Power Lifting for Athletes
Youth Fitness Training and Weight Management

Pat Grieco has over 30 years experience of preparing elite athletes for events such as Iron Man, Triathlons, Marathons, Cycling, Lacross, Football, MMA, and Boxing to name a few. Pat Grieco holds certifications from ACE and NFPT for Personal Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutrition.

The program begins with a 1 hour complimentary consultation with Nutrition Specialist, Elite Fitness Trainer and competitor Pat Grieco. During this session, he will complete a comprehensive health and fitness assessment identifying your daily schedule, nutritional history, weight loss/gain patterns, nutritional supplementation, medical history, fitness level, and body composition. The results of this evaluation are factored into a detailed nutrition, supplementation plan and cardiovascular/fitness training routine geared towards your goal.

What’s Included?

The follow up bi monthly sessions are designed to continue and track your
success with weigh-ins and body fat composition analysis. The meetings are
a time of continued education and discussion of any new challenges that
might come up. New nutrition plans, supplement and fitness routines are
included as well as continued motivation and support.

Follow Up Sessions

Nutrition Programs can be customized for athletes, youth, diabetics, pre-post natal and individuals ​with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.