Body Transformation

The Body Transformation program has been implemented for over three decades and is physician approved with an outstanding track record of success. The program begins with a 1 hour complimentary consultation with Nutrition Specialist and Elite Fitness Trainer, Pat Grieco.

During this session, he will complete an comprehensive health and fitness assessment identifying your daily schedule, nutritional history, weight loss/gain patterns, nutritional supplementation, medical history, energy level, stress level, fitness level and body composition.

The results of this evaluation, as well as your personal health and fitness goals are factored into a detailed nutrition plan and cardiovascular/fitness training routine that will kick your metabolism into high gear. The meetings are private and confidential so you can feel secure and comfortable with sharing your personal information. The goal is to give you the skills necessary to make a positive difference in your health, vitality and appearance. You will learn how to make smart choices when dining out and traveling. In addition, you will learn the skills of actually losing weight during the holidays, weddings and other special occasions.

Complimentary 1 hour in person or virtual consultation with Nutrition Specialist/Fitness Trainer, Pat Grieco

Body fat composition analysis. Complimentary body fat scale with phone app and body measurement tape included for virtual clients.

Objectives and goal setting for lifelong optimal health

Creation of a customized daily menu tailored to your dietary needs, personal tastes and daily schedule

Personalized cardiovascular and fitness routine suited to your level of physical activity and hectic schedule

Detailed supplementation program.

What’s Included?

The follow up bi monthly sessions are designed to continue and track your success with weigh-ins and body fat composition analysis. The meetings are a time of continued education and discussion of any new challenges that might come up. New nutrition plans, supplement and fitness routines are included as well as continued motivation and support.

Follow Up Sessions

Nutrition Programs can be customized for athletes, youth, diabetics, pre-post natal and individuals ​with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.